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West-Estonia - So much more besides seaside

West- Estonia (the West- Coast of Estonia) has been a popular resort spot in Europe for centuries thanks to its geographical situation, over times guests fromFinland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and England have visited us again and again.

Among the three historical resort towns (Kuressaare on island Ösel/Saaremaa, Haapsalu and Pärnu on main land) you will find lots to see and do here!

One of the most exciting places in our little country is the West- Coast thanks to the national parks with rich fauna and flora, but also the woods, numerousislands and white sandy beaches. A whole new experience for people coming from abroad (but also for locals) are the ice roads in winter for crossing the sea to the islands and seeing the fifth season of the year (flood season in spring time). Side by side one can see proud manorsunique farmhouses, the love for folklore in Estonia and thrilling legends. An important connection point for Estonias West- Coast is the centuries long resort tradition in our area, that new world-class spas are carrying on.

If you need a peaceful and healing, but at the same time active holiday, then the West-Coast  with its islands is the perfect place for that! On the West- Coast you can find many options for active holiday on land, on the sea but also under the water or up in the air. Nature pathsbeaches and water sport options offer lots to your body as well as to your soul! Hiking in silent swamps or species rich woods help you relax and take in the energy of the nature; as an extra bonus comes the for hundreds of years known power of healing herbs combined with sauna.

The interesting history and adventurous present day of Estonias West- Coast have something to offer for everyone's liking. You will find here historicalcastles, manors and lighthouses, as well as a romantic café culture and incredible music events. In addition to enjoying of the centuries old buildings and town centers, West-Estonia is also known as a place where lots of culture events take place: take part in handicraft workshops and activities offered by galleries, come enjoy theater or cinemaclassical music or the club scenechurch concerts and heavy rock music!

Come by car, bus, airplane or ship - here you will always have lots to see and do and. You are welcome to visit when ever you wish!