Project AGORA 2.0

During the years 2010-2012, NGO West-Estonia Tourism fulfilled several activities. Below you will find some examples.

1. Participation in different trade fairs and infoseminars

2. Publication of West-Estonia imago brochure

3. Webpage development

4. Promotional tours for journalists and tour agents

Overview about promotional tours

All the promotional tours were organized in order to communicate project results and introduce the Baltic Sea region (BSR). But every tour had additional value - getting to know West-Estonia and its heritage.

May 3-6, 2011 promotional tour to Saaremaa. The aim of the tour (FAM) was to introduce one of the pearls of the BSR - the biggest island in Estonia - Saaremaa. 15 tour agents from St.Peterburg were invited.

FAM tour led the participants to Kaali meteorite crater, limestone museum and Panga 21m high limestone geosite in Northern-Saaremaa. Nature values were shown in Vilsandi national park and cultural heritage was introduced in Mihkli farm museum and Angla Heritage Centre. The highlight of the tour was Kuressaare bishop castle from the 14th century. After that project infoseminar was held, during which project goals, cultural aspects and natural characteristics were introduced

May 25-27, 2011 promotional tour to Saaremaa. 6 journalists from Finland´s network "European Journalists Network" were invited. They saw handicraft traditions, natural sightseeings like ecosoap and handmade mustard production and workshop in Muhu island, where they build a ship according to old traditions. Journalists visited Panga geosite, Angla Heritage Centre and Koguva village, where is seen the traditional Estonian farm house buildings allocation. Kuressaare bishop castle and Tihuse hiking trail were also on the tour list.

On the arrival evening, project infoseminar was held. Journalists were interested in the project, in Estonia´s economic situation and our cultural heritage.

July 31- August 5, 2011 promotional tour "Butterfly Holiday" in Estonia. Dragonfly and butterfly specialists were invited from organizations such as Butterfly Conservation (UK, more than 16 000 members, founded in 1968) and Butterfly Conservation „European Interests Group“ (founded in 2006). During this FAM, dragonflies and butterflies were observed in 5 counties in Estonia.

October 6-9, 2011 promotional tour to Pärnu and Haapsalu. 40 tour agentsfrom St.Peterburg visited in Pärnu the main historical sites (i.e. Town Hall, Tallinn Gate and Moat, Red Tower, Smithy, Seegi house, churches etc), parks in Pärnu and art and craft workshops. In the Farm Museum of Carl Robert Jakobson the visitors get an overview of farm life in general and become familiar with farm work and old customs. On the way to Haapsalu Nedrema wooded meadow, Oidrema manor and Matsalu National Park were visited. In Haapsalu the places of interest included old historical railway station, old town, Haapsalu bishop castle and historical promenade.

After the tour, journalists gathered for project infoseminarto introduce the project and its goals, the cultural aspects and natural characteristics of the region.

Overview about trade fairs and seminars

During the project lifetime, NGO has participated in several trade fairs: Matka, Tourest, Baltour, Vivatur, ITB, Tur, Inwetex, Senaatintor, Mardilaat and Women`s Fun Run. Trade fairs are important in introducing the project activities and give information about BSR. The goal of trade fairs is to make the BSR more visible and heritage products more attractive. Trade fairs are essential also in getting to know the target market and target group (it´s needs and demands). From the gathered trade fair experiences, FAM tours have been organized and imago brochure has been made in order to please the BSR visitor. Another subgoal of the fairs is to keep in contact with other tourism specialist (networking) in BSR to create common image about BSR and best results in introducing the values in the form of BASTIS through increasing the visitors´ awareness.

In addition to fairs, knowledge about target market is also important. Thus in 2010, Finnish target market information day was organized in Pärnu to discuss Finnish target market and target group. In 2012 infoseminar for Moscow and St.Peterburg travel agents was organized to provide information about BSR.

Competition "6 Baltic Wonders" was conducted. It was targeted towards public to positively effect heritage tourism in BSR. The goal was to make BSR more visible so that it would be one of the destinations in Europe.

Marketing materials

Project brochure "The Baltic Sea region" ENG  (pdf - 8 MB)

Imago brochure ENG  (pdf - 18 MB)

Imago brochure GER  (pdf - 18 MB)

Imago brochure RUS  (pdf - 17 MB)

Imago brochure SWE  (pdf - 17 MB)