Magnets of Pärnumaa

The sunny town Pärnu is Estonia's summer capital since 1996, but the sun, sea and beach have been symbols of the resort town for quite some time, 170 years already!  

Pärnu has kept it’s place as the biggest and most loved resort in Estonia. The perfect geographical situation of the town,  sandy beach, fresh air, green parks, as an addition to  health and relaxation opportunities, help Pärnu to stay the most popular resort town. 

 Here you can enjoy the relaxing services in the spas all year round. Next to the modern city spas you can find rural spas, where guest are more than welcome too! Beside the typical resort options to spend vacation are also lots of different activities to take part in and culture events that take place in Pärnu.  All year round there are many concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions and festivals taking place, lots of them have become traditional events. A cosy way to spend time are handicraft chambers workshops and various museums. On the island Kihnu you will always find life full of culture. Traditions are kept in honour among family and out-door events, people feel great joy of folk dances and songs. In Kurgja is Carl Robert Jakobson’s farm museum that is important of the cultural aspect.  

The multifarious  nature of Pärnu County offers ways for relaxing and active ways to spend the vacation all year round - exiting hiking and adventure trails, kayak trips on the river and bay, snowshoe hiking in the swamp and canoe trips in Soomaa and elsewhere in the county welcome you! Horse ranches welcome you to riding hikes and sleigh rides. In the end of the day you can enjoy the sauna culture that is offered to you by russian, finnish, smoke, raft and barrel sauna!   

Resort town Pärnu’s history 

One of the advantages to become a resort was the geographical situation, the town is right next to the sea with a shallow sandy seabed opening to the south. Seabathing was one of the first treatments that people enjoyed here in the 19th century. Sea and peat mud was discovered later in the history. The first bathing establishment opened it’s doors to visitors in 1838 to offer baths with warm seawater in summer and sauna in winter. 

40 to 50 years later the beach, parks, avenues and elegant resort architecture are the typical signs of Pärnu. In 1890, a new modern bathing facility opened its doors and Pärnu was listed among other czarist resorts of Russian Empire. When Pärnu’s fame as a resort town was on its peak the occupation  and II World War begun, like every where, it demolished the development of the resort completely. When Estonia regained independence, it took a great deal of time to rebuild the resort and bring it back to the blooming time high. The beach, parks and avenues are taken care of now. The citizens of the town eagerly renovate their homes and set up beautiful gardens, all that improves the image of the resort town. In 1939 Pärnu had its 100 year anniversary as a resort town.

Pärnu linn
Laid table in the garden of Ammende Villa
Pärnu Yacht Harbour. Author Annika Tuisk
Tuurit- tuurit (a folk dance)


Pärnu Vallikäär

The fortification Vallikäär (moat) charms the visitors today with the lit promenade that runs its course on the shore,...[more]

Churches of Pärnu

Eliisabet’s, Jekateriina’s, Transformation of Our Lord'd Church.[more]

Museums of Pärnu

You will find many interesting museums in Pärnu and the county![more]


Luitemaa and Kabli Nature Reserves

The biggest assets of Luitemaa Nature Reserve are extensive and bird-rich coastal meadows. In Kabli you will find a...[more]

Soomaa Nature Park

Soomaa Nature Park has been created to protect large raised bogs, flood plain grasslands, paludified forests and...[more]


Jõulumäe Recreation Centre

Jõulumäe offers many ways to spend your time recreationally: sport grounds, golf court, nine- pin bowling alley,...[more]

Pärnu Spas

The town that holds the title of the summer capital of Estonia is also called a health giving resort.[more]


Pärnu Mud Bath

The mud bath building is one of the most important symbols of Pärnu resort. [more]

Beach, beach park and hotel Rannahotell

Less thenin a 15minute walking distance from the center lies the sandy beach of Pärnu. At the beach you will find...[more]

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