Magnets of Läänemaa

“Lääne County is a safe home”, states the slogan of the county. In addition to the extremely species-rich wildlife, history is very much cherished here.

“A lot in one place” is a statement that describes the cultural life in Haapsalu and Lääne County very precisely, because the fine arts live here, complementing one another: in many of the museums here, you can also discover an art gallery or a theatre hall. Many artists, writers and people with theatrical background have come to live here or own a summer-house here.

The town of Haapsalu has been popular as a resort town for one and a half century, the royal families of several neighbouring countries and cultural personalities spent their summers here and enjoyed mud baths. Admire the play of the sun rays on the promenade as it was experienced by Piotr Tchaikovsky. At moonlit August nights, you can meet the White Lady in the bishop’s castle.

You too can walk on the romantic streets in the town between wooden laced buildings. The famous illustrator of Astrid Lindgren’s books, Ilon Wikland, used to run on these very same streets  as a child.

Come and discover the lands of the Estonian Swedes in the coastal areas of Noarootsi and Nõva parish and in the islands of Vormsi and Osmussaar in the middle of incredibly beautiful nature. If the weather is nice, you will be taken on a trip in a coastal Swedes traditional boat, built following the old traditions.

In Matsalu Nature Reserve you can learn the art of bird watching - this is the paradise for birds, every year they come here in the spring and leave before winter. On the territory of Matsalu is the bay of Matsalu and the creek of the river with the surrounding woods, wetland, grasslands and flood meadows.
The event calendar of Lääne County is quite full. In high season during the summer you will have the option to choose between many concerts, festivals and exhibitions.

If you get chills, grab the delicate but incredibly warm Haapsalu shawl to warm your shoulders. 

Haapsalu linnus
Haapsalu Railway Station. Author K. Jürgens
Aiboland heritage. Autor J. Sirp


The Episcopal Castle and Dome Church

The Haapsalu bishop’s castle, established in the 13th century as the centre of Saare-Lääne bishopric, is one of the...[more]

Haapsalu Railway Station and Museum

It was here that the railways of tzarist Russia began. The train connection between Tallinn and Haapsalu started in...[more]

Galleries and museum

If you are a gallery and museum friend, the Haapsalu and Lääne County is just the right place for you![more]


Sandy beaches

Sun, sea and sand is what people long for in the summer time.[more]

The paradise of the birdwatchers

During spring and autumn there is a certain group of people who come to Lääne County, they hear the call of the birds,...[more]


Spas and rehabilitation

In Haapsalu you can just relax or if needed also use the rehabilitation options.[more]


The Promenade

A wonderful seaside walk that people have loved in the past, still love and hopefully the love will continue in the...[more]

Haapsalu Kurhaus

Once it was a place to see and be seen, it is the only one of the Estonian resort halls that has kept its original form.[more]

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