Magnets of Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa is Estonia's second largest island. You can reach Hiiumaa from mainland by taking a ferry from Rohuküla. From Tallinn by plane, but in winter also along the longest ice road of Estonia. Hiiumaa has also a ferry connection with Saaremaa from Sõru harbor.

Characteristics for Hiiumaa are unique and clean nature and a peaceful way of living - here you can relax far away from the city noise in a cosey small seaside holiday village or recharge your batteries on a photo hunt for wild animals with the kind help from Kauste Holiday House hosts.

You will not find a spa on Hiiumaa, but there is no need for it, because the island itself is like a big spa: lots of summer sun, relaxing sea sounds and long sandy beaches. Fine gravel of the pebble stone beaches massages gently your feet and the salty seawater heals skin problems and bone pain.


Kõpu, Ristna ja Tahkuna lighthouses

The most known sightseeing of Hiiumaa is Kõpu lighthouse, it is the symbol of Hiiumaa.[more]

Pühalepa Church

The oldest church of Hiiumaa.[more]

Museum of Hiiumaa

The museum is the preserver of the identity of the island, keeper of the local culture, but also the explorer.[more]


Kassari Sääretirp

Kassari is the fifth largest island in Estonia, it is 19,3 km².[more]

Kärdla meteor crater and artesian aquifers

It happened about 455 million years ago when a meteorite with the diameter of about half a km with the speed of 30-40...[more]


Long sunny sand beaches on Kassari, Tahkuna and Kõpu peninsulas are made for the lonely hiker or people who like...[more]


Soera Farm Museum

Lot of the characteristics of the old farmhouse have remained intact:[more]

Vaemla Wool Factory

This long and white stone building is one of the few remained ones from the Vaemla manor complex that is still in use.[more]

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