Magnets of West- Estonia

West- Estonia is a marvellous place! Here you will find so much beautiful to see and do! We will give you a quick overview of the magnetic sightseeings in West- Estonia.


Island Vormsi

Vormsi is a lovely island just 45 minutes by ferry from Rohuküla. The island was formerly inhabited by coastal swedes.[more]

Galleries and museum

If you are a gallery and museum friend, the Haapsalu and Lääne County is just the right place for you![more]

Angla Windmills

You can learn about the history of the well-known symbols of Saaremaa on Angla Windmill Hill.[more]


Panga cliff

The northern coastline of Saaremaa and Muhu are predominantly stony and terraced. [more]

Kaali meteorite crater

Kaali Crater Field was created by the meteorites that fell on the Earth in ancient times and its main crater, which is...[more]

Luitemaa and Kabli Nature Reserves

The biggest assets of Luitemaa Nature Reserve are extensive and bird-rich coastal meadows. In Kabli you will find a...[more]


Saaremaa's spas

Spaad Saaremaal

The old resort traditions are kept alive at seven spas in Kuressaare, The Town of Health.[more]


Health can be invigorated out of town as well, in peace and quiet.[more]

Vaemla Wool Factory

This long and white stone building is one of the few remained ones from the Vaemla manor complex that is still in use.[more]


Beach, beach park and hotel Rannahotell

Less thenin a 15minute walking distance from the center lies the sandy beach of Pärnu. At the beach you will find...[more]

Pärnu Mud Bath

The mud bath building is one of the most important symbols of Pärnu resort. [more]


In Kuressaare, curative mud was discovered in the 1820s and Estonia’s first mud treatment resort was opened on the...[more]

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